Media coverage of a US Congresspress

I love the Paralympics, and I love writing about them in the context of Wikimedia projects for a variety of reasons.  If all goes well, I should be going to the Sochi Paralympics to cover US Paralympians.  In preparing, I am trying to write more about the Paralympic Games from a sociological perspective of sorts.  What are the Games?  Why are they not better received by the US public?  Who are US Paralympians as sport people?  How do they fit into a broader US sporting landscape?  This feels like important background information so when we cover US Paralympians at the Sochi Games, readers have this understanding and a better appreciation for the challenges in this sporting landscape.  (With the Paralympics, it is too easy to fall into this trap of compelling personal story after compelling personal story.  It really takes away from the awesome high level of sport taking place.)


In any case, in doing this reporting, I am trying to push boundaries both personally in terms of my reporting goals and with what Wikinews has done.  My most recent effort is trying to get US Congresspeople to comment on the Paralympics.  I contacted about 20 Congresspeople through their media people seeking comment on a variety of issues related to the Paralympics, and I got a response from Jackie Spieir, a San Francisco Democrat with the response now being published on Wikinews.  Getting a response from a US House person is awesome for me as a journalist and for Wikinews as a project. 🙂


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