Creating articles about Paralympians on several language Wikipedias

Paralympic medalists database

I have accreditation for the Sochi Paralympics and I am going with a number of Ukrainian Wikimedians to cover the Games. Currently, Ukrainian Wikipedia has about 158 articles about the Paralympic Games, which have been viewed about 58,000 times since the start of the year. With accreditation coming from the USOC, it seems very important to create articles about USA Paralympians on the project. It also seems important to create articles about Ukrainian Paralympians as they are lacking. This would provide an excellent long term resource for the project. It would also get a lot of views during Sochi, and encourage local disability sport people in the region to edit newly created articles about themselves and those they may know.

This past month, I’ve attended two conferences where I have had the pleasure of meeting with and talking to people from a number of language communities about my efforts with Ukrainian Wikipedia. Several expressed interest in potentially doing the same for their languages if the data was good, and a way to translate and implement it could be found. There are a lot of benefits to doing this, including better engagement with and content creation about a diverse group of people including people with disabilities, women and people from outside the English speaking world. Normalizing the disability sport also assists society by showing that people with disabilities can do things. If a blind woman can successfully ski down a mountain at 100 kilometers an hour and be a professional skier, maybe you should consider hiring the blind person with an excellent resume as a computer programmer or marketing.

Paralympic medalists database

By manually datamining a number of sources including IPC medalists and competitor lists, world, regional and national record holder lists, world championship rosters, sportpeople lists from national Paralympic committees, classification lists, newspaper lists of medalists, and other sources, I have created a file that is fully referenced that can be used to show intrinsic notability (medalist or world record holder) and has some supplemental information. Each medalists should, in theory, have at least two sources as some Wikipedia projects require that.

In any case, I have tried to normalize and add more information to my dataset so people could start working on it in their own languages. The disciplines column and the birth location, current location columns are not as normalized as they could be. It is not 100% complete and unless I spent several months combing through various sources, I do not think it would be possible to easily get it much more complete. is a sample of how the data can be formatted. On English and Simple English Wikipedia, Paralympians are generally considered notable if they set a world record or if they won a Paralympic medal. I can explain the logistics more of how as a non-programmer the data file needs to be viewed. (Everything is sourced, but not every line is complete and notability may be derived from one line, but other key information from another line.)

If you have any questions, please ask me. 🙂 I would be happy to try to expand the data for specific countries upon request if they think there are holes in terms of missing medalists or world record holders. I would love to see articles created about Paralympians in multiple languages.


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