Where Wikipedia entrenches bias against women…

The move discussion about the Australia men’s national association football team has been closed as no-consensus.  Yes, a proud day for Wikipedia.  The closing admin felt the arguments about neutrality, verifiability, precision in name, undue weight were equally as compelling as the arguments about how a Wikiproject should control the decision to rename the article as opposed to allowing local consensus, and because the men’s game is inherently superior to the women’s game.


Worse yet, Wikipedia appears to enshrine male bullying as the acceptable way of enforcing systemic bias in favour of men.  They appear to think they are on YouTube in the comments section, as opposed to working collaboratively building an encyclopedia.  Don’t like what a person says?  Use vulgarity.  Want to dismiss their opinion? Accuse them of hysteria.  When they point out how you’re wrong and you’ve got no leg to stand on, accuse them of drug use.  The association football project should be proud to call Lukeno94 one of their own.

And I’ll repeat: The Wikimedia Foundation wonders why they have a problem with women?


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