Ready For a (Virtual) League of Our Own

This is an absolutely awesome post about some of the underlying issues dealing with sexism in soccer that are not being discussed.

SoshiTech -

From FIFA to NBA 2K — women are largely absent from sports video games


In 1999, the Women’s World Cup took the world by storm. Brandi Chastain scored the winning penalty kick against China and made covers of pretty much every major publication — sports or otherwise. The victory confirmed what many of us teenage soccer players had suspected — we wanted to play on the national team. But of course, the vast majority of us never actually get that far. Instead, we go on to do things like journalism or accounting or computer science or design. And that’s fine. Most men who wanted to play soccer stopped, too. But for them, at least, there’s a place where they can continue the fantasy: video games. Boot up FIFA, run around as Ronaldo for a bit, get those old passions burning. For us, though, nothing. Chastain isn’t in FIFA. In…

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