Issues when writing about sportswomen on Wikipedia

Recently, I read a piece of research about coverage of Spanish Paralympic athletes, and it said that for the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games, the relative amount of coverage in the media for male versus female athletes was pretty even. The difference the study found was that the articles about male athletes were much more likely to have a picture of the male in action, while women were not shown as sportspeople. At the same time, it found that female athletes were much more likely to be given a personal, non-sport narrative to frame their competitive nature. The focus on male athletes was much more likely to be on their performances.

And you know, when writing sources for articles in a few of the less popular sports (not swimming or athletics), this appears to really be the case. :/ Hence, the Wikipedia article gets a lot more background on these women as people. Not sure how good this is in a broader context because some research suggests that highlighting women not as sportspeople while doing the opposite for men just reinforces traditional gender stereotypes, and fails to normalize the idea that women should be playing competitive sport. Thus, it ends up limiting opportunities for women. How do people deal with these issues when editing?

Is there a way as a journalist for Wikinews I can change this?


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