What Wikinews needs to take it to the next level: You

I’m a bad Wikinews contributor.  I do not write articles on a regular basis.  When I do, I do not cover the same topic regularly.  The key to making Wikinews successful, the key potentially making Wikinews a major potential force is having regular Wikinews contributors write articles on a daily or nearly daily basis about the same topic.  To  a degree, Wikinews lacks an editorial voice.  We are not a site where you go to looking for sport news.  We are not the site people go to for information on LGBT rights.  To a degree, most of the major sites have that and it draws an audience.  Our traffic has generally been up, but it needs to develop that ability to get an audience on a consistent basis based on that reporting.

Doing that, having articles on a regular basis, provides additional opportunities such as making it easier to get syndication for articles, getting our original reporting picked up by other news organizations, getting grants for reporting, etc.

What Wikinews needs now to get to the next level is you and your editorial voice.  What are you passionate about? Local politics in rural Illinois or Australia or Iceland? Then write about it once a week. 🙂  And see what happens.


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