Goalball national team ranking

For a while, I have thought that I should think about contributing to Wikinews on one sport topic.  Establish a niche.  Go with it.  Demonstrate competency in that area.  Eventually, write a book about the topic.


Thus, recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about goalball.  It is a sport without a lot of media coverage.  It has the potential for a lot of stats.  There isn’t much there.  I could on my blog get a list of as many international games for the women’s national teams as possible and create a ranking system. (I’ve read a fair amount about that.  This is a great page.)  Then I decided bleep that, develop my own.  (Always the best response when you aren’t 100% certain of what you’re doing.)


I don’t have a full list and that needs to be fully developed.  But on the data I have: First thing: Lots of teams have not played recently.  Create a point system that rewards recent games. Games played in 2014 worth 14, Games played in 2013 worth 13, Games played in 2005 worth 5.  Games played in 2001 and before worth 1 point.  The more games you played, the more recently you played them, the more points you automatically have.  My rationale for this is that you have to have a team and be playing to possible be the best.


Second: Wins worth 10 points, ties worth 3 points, losses worth 1 point.  The high value of wins is to adjust for the high and low values of recentism points.


Third: Goals won by points.  If you win by 10 points, you get 10 points.  If you win by 5 points, you get 5 points. If you tie, 1 point. If you lose, no points subtraction.  This rewards high scoring teams. Tournament results not factored, but going deeper into a tournament automatically should give you more points.


I haven’t added every event to my database yet.  The only ones included are : 2003 IBSA World Championships and Games, 2005 IBSA Pan-American Games, 2006 FESPIC Games, 2007 IBSA Goalball European Championships, 2007 IBSA World Championships and Games, 2009 IBSA Goalball European Championships, 2010 IBSA European Championships Goalball Women B (partial), and 2013 IBSA Goalball European Championships. Based on the formula so far, the best women’s national goalball teams in the world are:

Team Points
Finland 634
Germany 543
Spain 501
Sweden 488
Ukraine 465
Great Britain 462
Russia 316
Denmark 311
Brazil 297
Turkey 290
Israel 278
Greece 264
Japan 257
China 142
Iran 141
Netherlands 106
South Korea 75
United States 75
Australia 67
Canada 46
Italy 40
Algeria 16
Hungary 11
Poland 11

Does the ranking sound right to people who follow the sport? Does the point ranking system seem like it makes sense? Is there a better and or easier way to do that?


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