Ukrainian civil unrest and Sochi reporting

Burning barricade in front of the main entrance of the internal military forces in Lviv on street. Stryyska . The night of the 18 February. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. Photograoher: Aeou.

Since September, I have been preparing to go to the Sochi Paralympic Games with a Wikimedia crew composed of Ukrainians. I met one of them at the Wikimedia Central European Conference.  My personal experiences with the chapter have been pretty good, and I cannot say enough nice things about the person in their chapter coordinating things.

Last week, media accreditation for Sochi arrived and I needed to send it to Kiev for my Ukrainian Wikinews/Wikimedia counterparts.  Because the Games are so soon, I paid a lot extra to get them delivered quickly. €48 to get them delivered by today at the latest.  The Spanish postal worker who handled the mailing at the counter cautioned that they might be slightly delayed because of the civil unrest but should not ultimately interfere with their delivery because these things rarely impact mail delivery.  (And given Spanish history, I was very willing to take his word about this.)

Guess which post office got seized by protesters today?  Yep.  That would be Kiev.  I’ve looked at my tracking number for my delivery all day. It didn’t get delivered. 😦  I’m hoping that my mail did not need to go through that post office.

I’ve got tremendous sympathy for my Ukrainian acquaintances and friends in Wikimedia Ukraine.  The country is becoming more politically unstable, and the people involved are managing to deal with their obligations in the movement, manage to get to work, and some are volunteering to help in other areas of their society in response to the civil unrest.  The situation is sad, especially given the deaths that have taken place.  I hope my friends and acquaintance stay safe.

To learn more about the situation, February 2014 Euromaidan riots (English) and Протистояння в Україні з 18 лютого 2014 (Ukrainian).


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