Digital Engagement Panel at Scholar and Feminist Conference

This weekend, I am off to New York City for a Scholar and Feminist Conference, Locations of Learning: Transnational Feminist Practices at Barnard College.  They’ve asked presenters at a panel I am participating on to ask our community the following questions:

  • What you get out of digital spaces in terms of transnational feminist collaborations?
  • Stories or lessons you want to share from collaborating / sharing research, knowledge, etc. online—things you learned, challenges you encountered, etc.
  • What suggestions would you give to scholars who want to use digital platforms to enhance their research collaborations, especially transnationally?
  • How do you deal with barriers like language differences in online spaces, different levels of internet access, etc.?

If you’re a feminist interested in Wikipedia, Wikinews or Wikimedia, I would love to hear your responses as part of my preparation for the panel. If you want to follow the conference, the organizers are using the hashtag #sflocations as a way of following what is taking place. 🙂


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