Off to Russia today

I am off to Russia today.  I’ve submitted another article to Wikinews before I left, and we’ll see if it clears publication.  A friend has joked that my most recent articles have been “No one says anything.  No one does anything. Nothing has changed.”

A number of friends are concerned about the safety issues regarding going to Russia.  All responsible things done.  People know where I am staying, my train information and my plane information.  I’ve informed my embassy that I am going.  People inside my media organization know I am going.  All the logical steps I could take be safe have been taken.

Last night, I chatted with a Ukrainian affiliated with the team going with me to Sochi.  They are pretty much set to go, and in a healthy head space to go and do responsible reporting.  The only possible hangup at the moment is the Russian rail crossing situation: Will the border stay open between the Ukraine and Russia?  Will they be able to cross?  If yes, I should be meeting with them by the end of the week.  Fingers are crossed that my Ukrainians stay safe and the border remains open.

My goal is to try to keep blogging a bit about my experiences in Sochi, in addition to the reporting I am trying to do.  We’ll see what happens. 🙂


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