Rape and the Sports Story: Some Observations for Sports Writers

The Sport Spectacle

Jessica Luther’s “Changing the Narrative” offers sports writers valuable guidance regarding the responsible reporting of stories about rape. It is full of good advice that should help sports writers to at least not make things worse. Luther’s excellent article inspired me to write out a few thoughts for the sports critic who wants to take their writing to a related, but slightly different place.

Given how often sports writers have to cover this kind of story, they might be wondering why “sports culture” has become synonymous with “rape culture.” Given the ubiquity of rape stories in sports news, perhaps it is time we entertained the possibility that sexual violence is not at the margin of sports culture, but is, in fact, at its center.

Some axiomatic observations:

Where there is segregation there is violence: Apartheid structures are enforced through violence. Radical segregation is enforced by terrorizing people. We need only look to the US’s history of lynchings…

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Cindy, in memoriam

Vale Cindy. Your efforts in the movement will not be forgotten.

Walk the Talk


Cynthia Ashley-Nelson died yesterday. She was attending the Wikimedia Conference as an AffCom member, and on Thursday had participated on her first annual AffCom meeting. The news about her death have surprised and shocked the people at the conference. I realise there are many people who might not be familiar with her, so I wanted to write a few words about her and the impact she made on those who knew her.

In my role as Board liaison to the Affiliations Committee, I had seen Cindy, as her friends called her, apply to become a member, and how she was finally elected to the committee. She had such a solid background, so relevant to the work AffCom does, she was such strong candidate, it was a no brainer for AffCom to elect her. They were not disappointed. Cindy was participative, incredibly engaged from the first day on the work of…

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Sochi budget?

I’ve tried to put together a Sochi budget.  The cheapest flights I can find are either via aeroflot or Turkish airways.  Cheap flights at the moment are running about €480.  The cheapest accommodation I can find is about €30 a night.  I figure €15 for food a day.  Then add another €100 for internet costs related to being there.  The budget for me is about €850 at the cheapest.  If anyone has a better idea of budget for journalists for the Sochi Winter Paralympics, please let me know.

If anyone wants to support my Sochi reporting, please send money via paypal to laurah@fanhistory.com .  If you have extra accommodation that I can get for less than €30 a night, please get in touch.  I need to take care of this sooner if I want a chance of attending. :/

My previous winter Paralympic sport, and Paralympic Games reporting can be found at LauraHale (Wikinewsie).

Sochi Paralympics

My accreditation for the Sochi Paralympic Games arrived today after much doubt. I am not eligible for WMF funding request. I don’t suppose anyone wants to gift €750 to cover airtravel and a cheap hostel? My Paralympic work for London resulted in over 1 million page views and I got around 50 articles published.https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/File:HOPAU_at_London_Paralympics.pdf is the report showing my awesomeness.

Meme time: Celebrating female athletes

Celebrate sportswomen. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Women%27s_sport/Birthdays and find an athlete who shares your birthday. Share one fact about her. Then find and add one fact to the article about an athlete who shares your birthday, and add it to the Wikipedia article about her.  If you cannot find a fact about her, find another sportswomen who shares your birthday and add it to the birthday list and then share this fact.

  • Fact: Judit Kovács, a Hungarian high jumper, shares my birthday.  She was the Hungarian four years in a row, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992.
  • Fact added: Liliana Chalá, a track and field athlete from Ecuador, also shares my birthday.  I added “She set a personal best of 23.74 seconds in the 200 Metres at an event in São Paulo on October 9, 1987.”




Ready For a (Virtual) League of Our Own

This is an absolutely awesome post about some of the underlying issues dealing with sexism in soccer that are not being discussed.

SoshiTech - Soshitech.com

From FIFA to NBA 2K — women are largely absent from sports video games


In 1999, the Women’s World Cup took the world by storm. Brandi Chastain scored the winning penalty kick against China and made covers of pretty much every major publication — sports or otherwise. The victory confirmed what many of us teenage soccer players had suspected — we wanted to play on the national team. But of course, the vast majority of us never actually get that far. Instead, we go on to do things like journalism or accounting or computer science or design. And that’s fine. Most men who wanted to play soccer stopped, too. But for them, at least, there’s a place where they can continue the fantasy: video games. Boot up FIFA, run around as Ronaldo for a bit, get those old passions burning. For us, though, nothing. Chastain isn’t in FIFA. In…

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